Joining TechHire

Learn more about how your community can join the movement creating pathways to well-paying tech jobs and meeting urgent employer demand.

1. What is TechHire?

Originally announced by President Obama in 2015 as a public-private initiative in 21 pilot communities, TechHire has become a rapidly growing national movement in 50+ U.S. cities, states, and rural regions.

TechHire expands job opportunity and economic growth by enabling regional employers to fill hundreds of thousands of entry-level, career-path, skilled tech jobs, by hiring trained job seekers with the ability to do the job - but who are overlooked by typical hiring practices and/or underrepresented in the IT field.

Stages of Implementing TechHire

(1) Apply: Learn more + Apply for TechHire

(2) Get Started: Convene Key Stakeholders and Finalize Roles and Goals

(3) Test and Build: Grow Your Employer Network and Ready Job Seekers

(4) Scale and Grow: Increase the Number of Job Placements

(5) Sustain: Community-Level Impact

2. The TechHire Ecosystem

A TechHire Hub is a region-wide collaboration of state and local public sector (e.g., governors, mayors, county executives), local/regional employers and industry groups, higher education and training institutions, technology associations, and important community-based and civic organizations.

One local organization - with a strong reputation in both the business and educational communities - serves as TechHire Hub Operator, convening regional TechHire partners, facilitating goal setting, and tracking progress.

The TechHire network is comprised of TechHire Hub Operators, committed employers, educational and civic institutions across the 50+ TechHire hubs, and a growing set of national partners.

3. TechHire Applicant Requirements

The process for applying for TechHire is as follows:

To sign up for TechHire, you must:

4. TechHire Hub Criteria

Successful TechHire Communities consist of (1) a cohesive ecosystem that includes multiple relevant stakeholders in the local technology training and job-placement space, and (2) institutional support that fosters ongoing growth and improvement. The success of the TechHire initiative is measured by the number of job seekers from underrepresented backgrounds (including minorities, women, and low-income people) that get placed into in-demand, entry-level, career-path IT jobs.

(1) A cohesive ecosystem consisting of multiple stakeholders in the local technology training and job placement space, including:

(2) Institutional support that fosters ongoing growth and improvement

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